vSphere Hot Keys

February 6, 2010 — 1 Comment

There are a number of hot keys that will help you move quickly around the vSphere client. A selection of these are listed below for ease of reference.

Key Combination


Ctrl + Shift F


Ctrl + Shift H

Hosts and Clusters

Ctrl + Shift V

VMs and Templates

Ctrl + Shift D


Ctrl + Shift N


Ctrl + Shift R


Ctrl + Shift S


Ctrl + Shift L


Ctrl + Shift O

System Logs

Ctrl + Shift I

Server Settings

Ctrl + Shift T

Scheduled Tasks

Ctrl + Shift E


Ctrl + Shift M


Ctrl + Shift P

Host Profiles

Ctrl + Shift U

Customization Specification Manager

For a more extensive list head over to http://www.jume.nl/articles/vmware/143-vcenter-client-shortcuts thanks to Michael for the comment

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