You will find all of my doodles at the links below and on my blog

What is a doodle?

When at technical conferences or investigating new technologies I find it easiest to note the elements that matter to me, or that I want to act upon in a quick easy manner. At the start of 2014 I started doing this in the form of a doodle that you see below. Where possible I like to include photos / diagrams and I will also use multiple colours as I believe this helps separate the content but also keep my interest when reviewing. I try and keep the number of pages per session down to as few as possible, usually one as any more dilutes the nature of being able to absorb the information quickly and easily.

By having all the information in this quick easy and referencable fashion it means it easy for me to remember and most importantly act up when I back home from a conference.

Whilst at Dell Enterprise Forum 2014 I shared one of my doodles on twitter, straight after the keynote. I was surprised how much positive feedback, RT and favourites I got from this. As others seem to find these of use I now aim to share my doodles live on twitter whilst at conferences, in my conference blog posts but also in the galleries on the pages of this section of my blog for easy access as time goes by.

What do I use to do it?

At present I am using Penultimate on a iPad Mini Retina and a Adonit Jot Touch 4 Bluetooth stylus. I find this mix allows me to quickly note down the information during the sessions, it also feel and acts very similarly to writing on a whiteboard.



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