VCP in vSphere 5.0

As I start studying for my VCP in vSphere 5.0 (VCP510) I have started creating and will be updating this page with the resources I have and will be using.

Exam Blueprint

First of all I would suggest starting with the exam blueprint, which can be found on VMware’s MyLearn Site, a number of the resources below are taken from this document.

VCP Path Options

Below is a diagram taken from the blueprint which shows the various upgrade options.


Recommended Reading

VMware vSphere 5.0 Basics Document

VMware vSphere 5.0 Installation and Setup

vCenter Server and Host Management Guide for vSphere 5.0

VMware vSphere 5.0 Examples and Scenerios

Installing and Admnistratoring vSphere Update Manager for vSphere 5.0

vSphere 5.0 Security Guide

VMware vCloud Requirements for a Cloud

VMware vCloud Service Definition for a Public Cloud

VMware vCloud Service Definition for a Private Cloud

VMware vSphere 5.0, Licensing, Pricing and Packaging

VMware vSphere Networking Guide

VMware vSphere Storage Guide

VMware vSphere Storage Appliance Installation and Configuration Guide

VMware vSphere Storage Appliance Administration Guide

Installing and Configuring VMware Tools

VMware Virtual Machine Administration Guide

VMware OVF Tool User Guide

vSphere 5.0 Availaibilty Guide

vSphere Resource Management Guide

VMware Data Recovery Guide

vSphere Host Profiles

vSphere Troubleshooting Guide

vSphere 5 Command Line Guide for Service Console Users



vSphere 5 Configuration Maximums

Recommended Blogs

Simon Long is once again updating his mock exams to cover vSphere 5.0, be sure to check out his blog and take the mock exams to see how you get on.

Another legendery resource for VCP exams is Forbes Guthrie’s vReference site, Forbes is currently in progress of updating his reference card to vSphere 5.0

Eric Sloof has a large amount of resources not only on his blog but on his podcast covering vSphere 5.0’s new features amongst other content

Scott Vessey over at vmwaretraining has a large amount of resources as ever, check out his VCP 5.0 dedicated page

Andrea Mauro at has created a a detailed VCP5 study guide on his blog



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