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I have decided to make a page on my blog dedicated to some of my favourite blogs and websites I find relating to the VMware community. They are in no particular order and I will try and keep the list updated with new finds and new information about the sites.

I have recently started using Google reader thanks to the suggestions of those on Twitter, the link below is of articles that I find of interest when catching up on peoples blogs and will be automatically updated. The website of Duncan Epping a VMware employee based in the Netherlands. He goes into a great deal of detail with his blog posts and his blog is usually my first stop when looking for more information on a particular ESX issue or if I am wanting to understand something better. You can bet if he has covered a particular subject it will be done with great detail and accuaracy. The website of Alan Renouf the brit with the French sounding name, Alan is what only I can describe as a Powershell guru, his blog contains a large number of scripts that he has written and is a VMware admins dream. A number of his scripts can save you a number of hours hard work. What I particularly like is Alan explains his scripts very well and seeing how his scripts work has given me the knowledge to write / modify some of my own. The website of a UK based virtualisation specialist Simon Long, Since Simon posted his VCP 4 test exam his blog has become my central point when looking for VCP resources. I highly recommend you check out the practise exams and the VCP blueprint on his site. The website of Simon Seagrave a technical architect and general top bloke based in London. Very useful blog for virtualisation and HP information. VCDX number 29, Frank Denneman has a fantastic blog with a lot of technical detail. I have found his HP Flex10 posts particularly useful. Frank is also a top guy and has been very approachable. Scott Lowe VCDX 39, also has a very technical blog, again the information on HP Flex 10 has been a great resource for me. Scott also puts together a regular Virtualization Short Take, linking some blog posts that he has found interesting, informative, or useful. I am always pleased to see when one of my posts has made it on there. I’ve been featured twice and hope I can improve on that in 2010. Recently I caught his blog post regarding GTD (Getting Things Done Methodology) and what software on the Mac he uses to help accomplish this. I have found Scott very approachable and knowledgeable. Eric Sieberts vLaunchPad “Your gateway to the VMware universe” Eric collects all the useful links surrounding VMware together on the vLaunchpad. Including the top 25 blogs. I was extremely pleased to be featured on his site and hope that one day I may make it into the top 25. For now I’m currently number 48. The blog of Hany Michael are truly top bloke, VMware and Visio guru. Take a look through some of his diagrams you will be amazed with the levels of detail. Looking at his work always inspires me to put more to learn how to use Visio better and put more effort into my diagrams.

4 responses to My Favourite Websites / Blogs


    You’re missing the most important one, 😉


    LOL think this page needs an update, maybe we can do a link exchange 🙂 Will get you added


    Thanks for the mention Barry.

    Keep up the good work on your site. 🙂

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