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I am now spending most of my time blogging with some fantastic colleagues of mine at, I may put content here from time to time but most of the time I can be found over there.



Today I was lucky enough to be invited to London for the launch of PernixData’s latest product,  a new storage focused analytics platform called Architect, set to be available in Q4. Architect allows you to have an in-depth insight into your storage health with promises to help you better understand issues and potential bottlenecks with design, deployment, operations and optimization of storage. With deep integrations into their storage acceleration product and vSphere it promises to be the single pain of glass for your ever changing storage and application environments.

Also today PernixData have announced the general availability of FVP 3, their storage acceleration product with vSphere 6.0 support and a new HTML5 user interface as well as FVP Freedom, there free to use community supported acceleration platform.

My doodle from today can be found below.

  fvp launch.jpg-large

The South West UK VMUG are working on a list of the ultimate free VMware virtualisation tools for 2015, whilst there are a number of lists on the internet the majority of them are now out of date and linking to old software or software that is no longer available. So the South West UK VMUG are embarking on creating the ultimate list of free tools, that support the latest versions of your VMware products. We need you help to firstly collate the list of free tools before we open it up to a public vote to find out who the winner is of the Best Free vTools of 2015.

See our starter list below, we need you to comment on this post or tweet @swukvmug with your nominations prior to us opening the vote in the coming weeks. Products that are nominated must support a VMware product as a main feature and must have been updated to either support the latest version of the VMware product they are written for or have been updated within the last 6 months.

If you are a manufacturer of a free tool please reach out to Barry @virtualisedreal of twitter and we would love to feature you in our upcoming VMUG presentation and webcast.

We plan on announcing the winners live at the next Southwest UK VMUG and online on the 28th September

Veeam Backup Free Edition for VMware and Hyper-V

Veeam ONE Free Edition for VMware and Hyper-V

Spiceworks Virtual Server Discovery Tool

Solarwinds VM Monitor for ESX

Solarwinds VM Console

Solarwinds Storage Response Time Monitor

ManageEngine VM Manager Plus

VM Turbo Cloud and Virtualization Control

Compliance Checker for vSphere


VMware OS Optimization Tool

i have a tiny camera called a Narrative Clip that I use to help me capture memorable moments at the events I attend, it captures so lovely but low resolution natural moments that would otherwise go missed. Below is a collection of images from todays BriForum in London.

Sorry if I haven’t captured your best side 😉





\Morning all, for the next couple of days I will be at Briforum taking place in London, for the first time I will also be presenting alongside Andrew Wood of Atlantis Computing.


Whilst at the event I will be tweeting live from my twitter account @virtualisedreal, I will also be creating my doodles (If technology allows) and putting them on my blog / twitter as I did last year. I also will be using my Narrative Clip to grab some Barry eye view shots of my experience at the event, see my first shots below. Check back to this blog post for more content from today. 

If you are at the event grab me and say hello, I look forward to meeting you. 

150519 064942150519 070355

150519 065315150519 065549

150519 070558150519 071000\

Brian Madden’s State of the Industry Keynote – My doodle

Briforum 0

More Narrative Clip Images

150519 074023

150519 074457

150519 074926

150519 075229

150519 075501

150519 082134




For my 4th year I will be attending BriForum in London, I love BriForum for the focus on the EUC content from the community. Thanks to Andrew Wood for suggesting I submit a session,  I have for the first time got a session along side Andrew on a subject close to our hearts, focusing on the user!

We invite you for an interactive session where we will discuss an EUC project lifecycle, but instead of focusing on the technology we will focus on the business, the user and the administrator. We will have live polls, Q&A and prizes so be sure to join us. 

As ever I will be doodling whilst attending as I did last year. I hope to be catching up with the crew and many of you at the event!


Peter von Oven and I recorded this video a couple of months ago, we discuss the challenges that are often overlooked when discussing end user computing within a business. We discuss much more than VDI and focus on the need for change and the considerations that should be given.

I hope you enjoy.

Over the last 9 months I have been working with Peter von Oven from VMware on an updated VMware Horizon book, which I am pleased to say is now released. The book aims to walk you through the architecting of VMware Horizon 6.1, talk about the design considerations of building an End User Computing solution before walking your through the implementation of Horizon View and more.

The book has been published by Packt publishing who were fantastic at supporting Peter and I through this process.

If you have bought a copy I would love to see some selfies on twitter with the book #eucbook

You can purchase a copy of the book in digital or ebook format from Amazon or all other good bookshops 🙂

Amazon UK

Amazon US

#eucbook selfies



It’s that time of the year again for people to vote for their top vBlogs of 2015.

This year Eric Siebert has a sponsor on board, so many thanks from the community to inifnio.

Head on over to vSphere Land at the link below and cast your vote for your favourite blog of 2015.

If you have enjoyed reading my blog or my doodles from events etc please consider a vote for virtualised reality.