Using the Microsoft Surface RT as a business device (Update)

May 17, 2013 — Leave a comment

I have now been using my Surface for around 3 months, and I’m pleased to report I’m still loving it as a device. I wanted to post a short blog post specifically about my use case while traveling with it as a primary device during BriForum.

I had originally planned to get on with some work on the train to London but unfortunately my lack of access to my business documents and poor internet connection had meant I was unable to collect them via VMware View, this does highlight the importance on the availability of users data to be productive on mobile devices, as even though I had a device capable of editing and working on my documents I was let down by the fact they were only stored on a CIFs share rather than another more available platform or at least a method for receiving one document over a low bandwidth connection. There are of course a number of solutions to this such as a VPN, Sharepoint Server or something more modern like Horizon Data, AppSense Data Now etc.

During my day I was able to effectively use it for tweeting, emailing, connecting into View sessions to catch up with work where needed, taking notes, I was surprisingly also able to charge my iPhone twice without draining the surface and also download my photos via the USB cable to use in a blog post written in Word. So far I have no regrets only bringing my RT based device.

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