VMware Support Toolbar

April 28, 2010 — 3 Comments

VMware support have released a multi platform web browser toolbar, i’m not usually a fan of toolbars inside my browser but have been using the VMware one for over a week and have found it very useful.

You are able to download the toolbar for your browser from the following website, http://vmwaresupport.toolbar.fm/ once installed you will see the VMware toolbar at the top of your browser.


You are able to to the following things direct from the toolbar

  • Search the VMware KB
  • Search VMware.com
  • Access specific VMware communities forums directly
    • image
  • Access VMware documentation for all products directly
  • Access download center or download patches
  • Manage your support requests
    • image
  • Chat
    • Live chat with Community members and experts
    • A quick look inside saw a number of knowledgeable vExperts hanging aroundimage
  • News from various parts of VMware including Planet V12n
  • And finally the latest tweets from VMware

So if you are involved with VMware products as much as I am or administer a VMware system on a daily basis it is defiantly a nice to have utility.

3 responses to VMware Support Toolbar


    Interesting. I will test this tomorrow, since I am also managing a virtual infrastructure.

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