This is something one of my team pointed out to me earlier that I hadn’t previously been aware off, so thumbs up to Josh Herbert for putting this together. 

You have the ability to Schedule Tasks in the vSphere Web Client by holding down CTRL when right clicking on objects, now I had been aware of the task scheduling functionality in the C client and had assumed it was in the web client, but this implementation of it actually makes it very easy to use.

When you hold down CTRL you get the option to schedule many items as follows


This then gives you some options to schedule a task to be completed when you choose and it can also email you once the action has been completed!:


 You can also use this on a host to deploy VMs on a schedule


Im sure many of you have read the manual and are aware of this but it was a first for me. :)




I will be joining Ian Wells (Regional Director for Veeam NEMEA) and Assem Anwar (Senior SE for Veeam) for a real time video broadcast as we discuss defining data availability in the modern data centre. Some of the topics up for discussion include

  • Why the Availability is so important and how to stay Always-On Business?
  • What is the availability gap, and how to bridge it through?
  • Whole IT-environment relies on backup solution, how to avoid that, is it good or bad?
  • Where are we going to? How will IT infrastructure look like in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?
You can also ask questions live on twitter with the #VeeamLive hashtag

To see my ugly mug and join in register now at the link below.



Here are two doodles that I put together during last nights #cloudtalk regarding #VMworld 2014 

I personally will be attending VMworld Barcelona and I’m hoping to be meeting as many of you there as possible. If you haven’t already registered you can find out more here or register here 

#VMworld 2014 #CloudTalk

August 11, 2014 — 2 Comments

I will be joining VMware’s Dave Hill tomorrow to co-host the VMworld CloudTalk discussion on twitter, if you haven’t joined in on a CloudTalk before check out all the information at the link below and be sure to join in live.


We want to know all about what you are looking forward to at VMworld US and EMEA, what are your tips for attending, what session are you looking forward to most and more.

I am also going to attempt to put together a number of live doodles. 

Doodle 1 – What are your tips for attending VMworld

Doodle 2 – What are the must not miss sessions for VMworld US

Let me know your thoughts tomorrow on the CloudTalk

The doodle below aims at giving you a quick overview of the different models within Nimble Storage’s range, rough performance, capacity and expansion options.

Nimble Models

We have recently had a big focus on vCHS where I work, so I decided it was time I put together a doodle of the vCHS Virtual Private Cloud Architecture.


Huge thanks to Justin Oliver from VMware for taking a look over this for me.