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Peter von Oven and I recorded this video a couple of months ago, we discuss the challenges that are often overlooked when discussing end user computing within a business. We discuss much more than VDI and focus on the need for change and the considerations that should be given.

I hope you enjoy.

Over the last 9 months I have been working with Peter von Oven from VMware on an updated VMware Horizon book, which I am pleased to say is now released. The book aims to walk you through the architecting of VMware Horizon 6.1, talk about the design considerations of building an End User Computing solution before walking your through the implementation of Horizon View and more.

The book has been published by Packt publishing who were fantastic at supporting Peter and I through this process.

If you have bought a copy I would love to see some selfies on twitter with the book #eucbook

You can purchase a copy of the book in digital or ebook format from Amazon or all other good bookshops 🙂

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Amazon US

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