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I have recently been working with Swivel Secure to create a KB article for using Swivel Secure with VMware View, luckily this was relatively simple thanks to the introduction of RADIUS authentication for second form factor in View 5.1. I plan on posting a more detailed post at a later date but in the mean time you can check out the KB article here >>

I have also recorded a short video depicting the process a user needs to follow to login to their View Desktop secured by Swivel using their IOS application. I recommend watching the video in full screen rather than embedded below.

From a user perspective the user logs in using the View Client as usual but at the first logon screen they now get asked for a passcode, the user then uses the IOS application to generate a 10 digit one time code, you input the numbers from the code that correspond to your pin, you then enter your usual windows password and finally you can then connect to your View Desktop.

I will post a more technical setup video shortly.