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Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 Standard and Enterprise

For Microsoft SQL Server, the VirtualCenter database login will need the db_owner role for the VirtualCenter and MSDB databases.

The MSDB db_owner role is used during the VirtualCenter installation or upgrade to add three scheduled SQL Server Agent jobs. During normal operations, these jobs are run by the SQL Server Agent to maintain statistical data. Once the installation or upgrade is complete, the db_owner role may be removed from the MSDB database.

Important upgrade notes:
  • Do not change the System Administrator Server role (sysadmin) for the VirtualCenter database login account when upgrading from a previous release of VirtualCenter. Changing the sysadmin role on your VirtualCenter database login to meet permissions requirements can cause the upgrade to fail and install a new set of tables.
  • If during the upgrade, the license screen has an option box that says “I want to evaluate the product first,” the installer has not correctly recognized the previous VirtualCenter database. Press the Back button and review your database permissions in SQL Manager. Once satisfied, press Next¬†again to continue with the upgrade.