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I recently came across an issue having previously deleted an application from Horizon Workspace, the application had disappeared from the list of available ThinApps but upon looking on the connector where you configure the ThinApp share sync the application was still appearing. I then subsequently tried re-adding the application and it didn’t re-add. A quick look at the user guide shows I had missed a manual step when deleting ThinApps. I’m not sure why this step is manual or indeed has to be conducted from the CLI but hopefully we will see this change in the future.

From Page 61 of the User Guide

1. Delete the ThinApp package subfolder from the Windows application network file share.

2. Delete the application from Horizon Workspace.

a. Using a browser, log in to the Horizon Workspace Administrator Web interface.

b. Click Catalog > ThinApp Packages

c. Click the icon of the ThinApp package you want to delete.

d. Click Delete, read the message, and if you agree click Yes

3. Use the Connector virtual appliance interface to issue commands to remove the ThinApp database.

a. Select Login and Log in to the underlying Linux operating system of the Connector virtual appliance.

b. Issue the following command to stop the ThinApp service:

/opt/likewise/bin/lwsm stop thinapprepo

c. Issue the following command to delete the ThinApp database:

rm /var/lib/vmware/tam/repo/repodb

d. Issue the following command to restart the ThinApp service:

/opt/likewise/bin/lwsm start thinapprepo

4. Exit the Connector virtual appliance interface