#BriForum London 2014 Day 2

May 21, 2014 — Leave a comment

Today was the final day of BriForum taking place in London, today was much of the same with several technical sessions and the Atlantis ILO vendor sessions. I really enjoyed the Atlantis session it was technical and had two great presenters, I have already worked Atlantis a little but plan on digging into this a bit further moving forward. The technical sessions were brilliant as ever and credit to Shawn Bass I think he was presenting alongside others in at least 3 sessions today.

I also attended a session presented by Daniel Bolton of Kingston University discussing their move from Quest vWorkspace to physical PCs and VMware Mirage. This was a great session and Daniel was a great presenter explaining the thoughts and reasoning to the move and how Mirage met there needs. I am a big fan of Mirage and it was great to here another customer experience.

Once again my doodles have gone down well on twitter, so much so that Brian Madden gave me a shoutout in his end of conference sum up, which was much appreciated. I generally do these as a reference point for my self to remember what my key take aways were, but it am glad others fine them useful. I will certainly be keeping this up at future conferences.

Today’s doodles can be seen below

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