Horizon View and Real-Time Audio and Video Support and Testing

April 24, 2014 — Leave a comment

I have recently been working with a number of customers that require Real-Time Audio and Video in conjunction with their VDI rollouts. With Windows clients and Windows Embedded thin clients Real-Time Audio and Video has been supported for some time from the Windows Client for View 2.2 and onwards, shortly after the Windows release was announced we saw the Linux version also support this functionality in conjunction with Horizon View 5.2 and Feature pack 2 and later when used with the Linux client 2.2 or later.

https://blogs.vmware.com/euc/2013/07/3370.html < Windows Support

http://blogs.vmware.com/euc/2013/11/vmware-horizon-view-real-time-audio-video-rtav-part-2.html < Linux Support

What I hadn’t realised until more recently is that as of the start of 2014 this is also supported on Max OS X with the 2.3 Client. 


IMG 7054

I would love to be able to see this technology in use with zero clients, but by its nature I’m unsure if this is something we are ever likely to see unless Teradici can embed this in a future generation of the chips. 

VMware have also released a Fling that makes it easy to test RTAV support no matter what client you are using. 

The Real-Time Audio-Video Test Application is a small simple application that allows you to view the webcam feed and loopback the audio, this also offers you a good opportunity to test the different resolutions and resolutions and decide what will work best for your users. 

Once loaded you will see the webcam from your thin client or Mac or PC redirected into the thin client for you too test. As can be seen below with my ugly mug. 


For the test above I have set the resolution of the camera to 640 x 480 using the following commands from the Mac OS X terminal


And as can be seen below, RTAV can also easily be tested with Skype. 


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