Dell Enterprise Forum EMEA 2014 Day 2 #DellEF

April 17, 2014 — Leave a comment

Yesterday was day 2 of the Dell Enterprise Forum EMEA in Frankfurt Germany, due to attending a number of NDA sessions there wasn’t so much tweeting and blogging from me but it was a very productive and insightful day. 

Every year what stands out to me at these events is not just the content and labs, but the access to the execs and great technical people at Dell, speaking as a Dell Partner and a previous Customer the opportunity you get at these events is really unrivalled. It really does show you the levels of effort and skill that are behind the scenes, which by the time it reaches the partners and customers I feel is some times masked. 

IMG 4220

My day started off with a session discussing storage in a VDI world and in particular Compellent configuration options, this was really insightful and whilst the subject matter is something I feel very comfortable with the insight into the Compellent specifics was of a great help. This session also led to me speaking to some great technical people at Dell that are actually specialising in VDI in terms of storage and configuration options. I am hoping to be able to do some follow up with these guys in the future and will blog what I can. 


As mentioned all my other sessions during the day were NDA and whilst I can’t blog about these, once again I want to highlight how beneficial it is to have access to these sessions and the subsiquent access to the execs afterwards. 

Outside of the sessions I did sit the Compellent vSphere integration lab which was good to see how the integrations between the two works, particularly with the web client integration. I also had some further time speaking to vendors and looking around the show floor. 

IMG 4216

Random shot of hardware but I liked it! 🙂

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