South West UK VMware User Group Announced!

September 10, 2013 — 4 Comments

South West VMware User Group: The Facts, The Figures, And The Events

The South West VMware User Group launches in the UK, bringing the best of VMware and the user community to The West, South West and South Wales.

The leadership team is pleased to announce the South West VMware User Group (VMUG). Meeting in Bristol at the crossroads to the South West, The West Country, South Wales and the Midlands, meetings will begin early in 2014,

to bring together virtualization customers, end users and enthusiasts in an informal social setting for discussion,learning and engagement.

Social Media

We are on Twitter, so please engage with us @SWVMUG or #SWVMUG. We also have a local presence on, where we will post meeting details and where you can register for a free account to sign-up for our upcoming meetings.

First Meeting

For our first meeting, we have some grand plans to open with a bang!

– Mystery guest ‘VMware Rockstar’ keynote speaker.

– Prizes and giveaways.

– VMware session.

– Sponsor session.

– Community homelab session.

– Local vBeers afterwards.

Regular announcements and updates will be posted on our Twitter account: @SWVMUG.


We are already planning our first meeting, but in the meantime we plan an online webinar on Tuesday 29 with a VMworld highlight wrap-up, plus interviews about the forth-coming UKVMUG and an overview of plans for the first South West VMUG meeting. To view the webinar live (or play back the recording), checkout this link on our Google Event Page

South West VMUG Webinar event at Google Hangouts:


Can’t wait till 2014 for our first meeting? Why not come to the national UKVMUG where all the members of the SWVMUG leadership team will be available to discuss the new group, what we have to offer, and how SWVMUG can enhance your VM experience. Look out for us in special RED t-shirts!

Can’t even wait till October? Join us for a Bristol vBeers! For details, follow @SWVMUG, the committee members or check for scheduling. We look forward to meeting you!


The Leadership Team of the new SWVMUG comprises:

– Jeremy Bowman (, @jeremyjbowman)

– Simon Eady (, @simoneady)

– Michael Poore (, @mpoore)

– Barry Coombs (, @virtualisedreal)


4 responses to South West UK VMware User Group Announced!


    For someone that lives in Bristol, this news is nothing short of awesome. Really looking forward to this and well done!


      Great news Gavin be sure to head over to the Google + page and register for the kick off webinar and hopefully see you at vBeers!


    I’ll be in Bristol Sat 28th – Mon 30th September, fancy some vBeers? Be great to finally meet you all!

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