VMware View Group Policy Templates

April 17, 2013 — Leave a comment

VMware View ships with a number of group policy templates, these can continently be found on your View servers at the location shown in the image below.


I’m not going to teach you all how to suck eggs here but you will obviously want to create a group policy to deploy these templates against your View Desktops or Clients depending on which template it is you are deploying, you will do this as usual through Group Policy management and creating a GPO.

Once you are inside the Group Policy Management Editor you are able to expand Computer Configuration, Policies, Administrative Templates then Select Add / Remove Templates


You can then browse to the admin templates and add them to your GPO.


Once imported you will see the policies listed under Classic Administrative Templates (ADM)


From the user guide the breakdown of the adm files is as follows.

Template Name Template File Description
VMware View Agent Configuration


Contains policy settings related to the authentication and environmental components of View Agent.

VMware View Client Configuration vdm_client.adm

Contains policy settings related to View Client configuration.

Clients that connect from outside the View Connection Server host domain are not affected by policies applied to View Client.

VMware View Server Configuration vdm_server.adm Contains policy settings related to View Connection Server.
VMware View Common Configuration


Contains policy settings that are common to all View components.

VMware View PCoIP Session Variables


Contains policy settings related to the PCoIP display protocol.

VMware View Persona Management Configuration


Contains policy settings related to View Persona Management

Also don’t forgot when configuring these templates you will need to enable loopback processing. This is configured under

Computer Configuration > Policies > Administrative Templates > System > Group Policy.


I hope to put some articles up delving a little deeper in the configuration of these group policies in the future.

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