Veeam 6.5 Released

October 26, 2012 — Leave a comment

During VMworld Barcelona Veeam announced the latest iteration of their Backup and Recovery product. For the first time we are seeing Veeam break from a major release each year to be be a dot release with the latest version being 6.5. Although with the work to ensure the product is amongst the first backup products to not only support vSphere 5.1 but also Windows Server 2012 & Hyper-V 3.0 you can see why. 

But threat not Veeam have still managed to jam pack new features into this release. For a full and extensive list check out the whats new document on Veeam website here >>

Amongst the stand out features for me were

  • Exchange E-Discovery >> Allowing you to instantly browse, search and selectively restore, emails, notes, contacts etc from any Veeam backup or Exchange EDB file. Since the beta that I wrote about here >> they have now included the option to restore to original location which I think rounds of the feature nicely. 
  • Chain Execution of jobs >> This feature has always been possible but you had to run a post script from each backup, with the new feature you can use the new scheduler to start a job automatically once the job it depends upon finishes. 
  • Configuration Backup >> Veeam is now automatically and periodically able to backup its configuration to a specified backup repository. Particularly useful if you have a physical Veeam server and want to backup your configuration.
  • Veeam Explorer for SAN Snapshots >> Utilise Veeam to recover any item from a HP Lefthand based SAN Snapshot with all the usual Veeam based features. I can’t wait for this functionality to support other SAN manufactures. 
  • Global Data DeDuplication with Windows Server 2012 >> You can utilise the power of Windows Server 2012 DeDuplication to reduce your repository size, you are also able to do file level recovery from a deduplicated volume inside a VM as long as you are running Veeam on a Windows Server 2012 sever. 

These are just a handful of the new features but it is great to see Veeam keeping ahead of the curve as usual and if this is just a dot release I can’t want to see what Veeam Backup and Recovery 7 will have in-store whenever that will be released. 6.5 was released yesterday and can now be downloaded from Veeam’s site  >>

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