VMware View Client for iPhone

October 4, 2012 — Leave a comment

It has been long awaited but VMware have finally launched their iPhone Client for VMware View, it offers full support for IOS6 and the iPhone 5. It’s design is very similar to the iPad and Android clients that we have seen before. 

Once you have connected to your desktop for the first time you will see a list of your desktops displayed when you open the application


By holding your finger on the desktop you get a number of options such as reseting the desktop and logging off


Once connected to the desktop you can pinch and zoom for greater control or you can use a trackpad style mouse similar to the iPad application. 



You are also able to connect to your desktop and then display it on a screen via airplay, leaving the iPhone screen as a fullscreen trackpad, I think the use cases for using a Windows desktop on an iPhone are some what limited but it does give you another way to be able to access your desktop and data when you need to. 

You can download the application by searching the Apple App Store in the usual way. 

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