TrainSignal SRM Training

July 10, 2012 — Leave a comment

I have recently been lucky enough to have access to TrainSignal’s latest SRM training, the training is hosted by fellow vExpert Sean Clark. I have been fortunate to have work with SRM quite a bit over the years with the current and previous versions, but my main interest in the training was the sections on vSphere Replication. When I have installed for customers we have always used supported SANs with their SRA’s, so I have never configured the new vSphere Replication that was introduced in SRM 5 in anger.


The course is split in 14 lessons as follows

Lesson 1 – Getting Started with SRM 5Lesson 2 – Course ScenarioLesson 3 – Lab SetupLesson 4 – Installing SRM for vSphere ReplicationLesson 5 – vSphere Replication ConfigurationLesson 6 – Protecting VMs with vSphere ReplicationLesson 7 – Recovering VMs with vSphere ReplicationLesson 8 – Evaluating vSphere ReplicationLesson 9 – SRM 5 and Array Replication Part 1Lesson 10 – SRM 5 and Array Replication Part 2Lesson 11 – SRM 5 and Array Replication Part 3Lesson 12 – Custom Recovery PlansLesson 13 – SRM OperationsLesson 14 – Next Steps

What I like most about the TrainSignal training and these videos is the ability to follow at your own pace and the fact that the training is based around real world scenarios, which helps considerably when wanting to understand concepts and use cases.

I highly recommend their training if you are new to SRM or would like to have a better understanding, for more information check out their website here >>


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