VMware Boomerang Fling

December 18, 2011 — 1 Comment

Once ever now and then you come across a small application that helps save you time and make your life a little easier, whilst browsing VMware’s Fling website yesterday I came across the Boomerang Fling. The Fling’s website is a place for VMware engineers to work on pet projects in their own time. A number of features that have started off as flings have subsequently made it into the product itself. The Boomerang fling was developed by Adam Gross who works for VMware Enterprise Desktop group, this fling is a simple client for vSphere that takes up minimal space and allows you quick an easy access to your favourite VM’s

Once downloaded from here >> http://labs.vmware.com/flings/boomerang


Boomerang is simply installed and ready to get going in seconds, when loading Boomerang sits by the clock on the task bar and is represented by a Green and Yellow square. First of all you will need to configure Boomerang to connect to your vCenter, to configure you vCenter choose “Add Servers” from the bottom of the Boomerang screen


From here you simply input the hostname of your vCenter or standalone host and enter your credentials, you can optionally choose to store the credentials for future connections.


One of the great things about this little program is that you can actually connect to multiple hosts or VC’s at once.

Once connected to your vCenter or host you will see a list of your virtual machines and can choose to favourite the ones you use most often.

imageWhen you select a virtual machine you are able to perform the power management options or alternatively connect to the console of the machine using the VMware Remote Console.


When you don’t need the full vSphere client open but need to quick access to your VM’s this application certainly helps, I have found it really useful whilst writing the VMware View book to allow me to quickly and easily move around the virtual machines.

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    Glad you like the fling!

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