VMware View PCoIP Client for the Mac – Tech Preview

December 16, 2011 — Leave a comment

VMware have just released the Tech Preview for their VMware View PCoIP Client for Mac. At present the feature set for the Mac version doesn’t quite match up with the Windows version, VMware are currently looking at adding the following features


–       Use of Multiple displays/monitors

–       Printing to locally attached printers

–       Full screen support for Mac OS X Snow Leopard

–       SmartCard authentication

–       USB device connectivity


But as of today it currently contains the current functionality


–       Support for Intel-based Macs

–       PCoIP protocol optimized for VMware View 5

–       Standard drag and drop install for Mac apps

–       Full screen support for Mac OS X Lion users

–       Copy and Paste plain text between View 4.x virtual machines and Mac

–       Copy and Paste text, formatted text, and graphics between View 5.x virtual machines and Mac

–       Support optional RSA authentication

–       Enhanced certificate checking

–       Add up to 4 VMware View server shortcuts in VMware View Client

Installation of the Mac Client is similar to any Mac application

PCoIP Mac Install

Once installed the UI is very different to the windows client


From this screen you are able to configure multiple View Connection Server connections, very useful if you are a consultant connecting into multiple enviroment


Upon connecting the View client no longer needs to rely on Microsoft RDP Client for Mac (Obviously considering it is now using RDP!) and you get to choose your desktop you wish to connect to


Then your desktop will open up inside the View Client Window


We can use the full screen button in the top right to expand the desktop to full screen, the desktop is then treated like one of the Mac’s desktops and you can use the usual gestures to move between your View desktop and the Mac


I’ve been using it for a few hours on a View server connected via the WAN and a View Server on the LAN and initial performance seems to be good at present. All we need now is Unity mode 😉

To download the tech preview on the Mac PCoIP Mac client visit the community page here >> http://communities.vmware.com/community/vmtn/desktop/view/client_for_macosx



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