VMworld Europe 2011 My Day 3

October 20, 2011 — Leave a comment

Yet another early day for me and the same as yesterday straight into the lab, this time to tackle the advanced troubleshooting.


This lab was one of the ones I was most interested to sit, I was really pleased with the content, there was lots of RESXTOP and vCenter Operation Enterprise which were two areas I really wanted to learn more about.

Whilst I was taking the lab, the labs hit the 25k VMs rolled out milestone.


I then moved onto advanced vCenter Operations session, it was great to really get an understanding of what was going on under the hood and also what we can expect when the vCenter Operation Management Suite 5.0 is launched. The operations side is definitely a key driver for VMware at the moment and a lot of effort, time etc is being put into making sure the product delivers.


I then did a bit of a hall crawl and met up with the guys from Nimble storage, I was really impressed with their offering and how mature it is. Nimble have only just entered the UK and after a conversation of well over an hour I look forward to having them on the HandsOnVirtualization.com podcast

I was then back onto the labs again to sit the SRM 5 lab, I have used the previous versions of SRM quite extensively and I was pleased with the improvements to SRM5, there is now the ability to be able to replicate your VMs through SRM itself, meaning you don’t have to have similar arrays, or even shared storage at all to get the benefit of SRM. For me the new interface for re IPing virtual machines at the DR side was a good improvement also. I am looking forward to getting SRM 5 setup in my lab now I no longer need an array that can recite at each side.


I was then onto Scot Lowe’s session on designing vSphere 5 solutions, I was pleased to finally meet Scott prior to he started presented he is a truest nice guy. Scott’s presentation skills were exceptional and the whole audience were getting involved and throwing in their thoughts and ideas. This was a really thought provoking session.



My final lab of the day was auto deploy, I have had a look at this before briefly in the what’s new in vSphere 5 course but the lab was much more detailed and what I was really expecting to have during the what’s new course.


The rest of my day I spent wandering the Solutions Exchange floor, speaking to Teradici regarding View 5 and the Terra 2 chip and also But Deffender who have just released a vShield compatible product.

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