Trainsignal VMware vSphere Troubleshooting Training

July 6, 2011 — 1 Comment

Vmware vsphere troubleshooting


I have recently been working my way through the Trainsignal troubleshooting training videos, as I have previously mentioned on this blog, the way Trainsignal does their training really suits the way I learn. If I am able to follow along with visual demonstrations I will pick something up much quicker than reading a book. In this latest training vExpert David Davis covers all the key areas to assist you with troubleshooting a vSphere environment, including storage, networking and VMware features such as HA and DRS. This training would be a great help if you are looking to take the VCAP-DCA exams.

Trainsignal troubleshooting

As usual the training is available instantly online when purchased through the site, the training also works directly from the site on your iPad for ease of access. I am finding the CLI sections of particular use as often if you are trying to troubleshoot a significant problem you find jumping to the CLI is the quickest way to get your answers.

One response to Trainsignal VMware vSphere Troubleshooting Training


    Thank you for the review of my vSphere Troubleshooting course. I put 3 months of work into this to try to make it the best that I could. I am always glad to hear that it helped someone advance their vSphere skills and solve a real-world problem.

    All the best,

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