New NAS’s from Iomega

May 31, 2011 — Leave a comment

I have previously reported about the Iomega NAS’s for lab and small business use the existing IX2, 4 and 12’s have been fantastic NAS’s used in many home lab’s and small businesses for virtualisation and backup. Announced at EMC world (EMC own Iomega), Iomega are bringing out two new models the PX4 and the PX6, with 2 GB of memory and dual 1.8GHz Atom processors, the NAS’s for the first time will be able to be purchased in a populated and an unpopulated fashion to allow you to add your own disks. What is really impressive about these units is they also support SSD’s. Demonstrated by Chad Sakac at EMC world was one PX6 fully populated with SSD’s being used to host 100 VDI desktops, not only was it able to cope with the desktops running but more impressively was all 100 desktops were simultaneously booted.


These NAS’s are starting to hit retailers now with the unpopulated units reported to be made available in around a months time, I will see what price these hit retailers at but i’m thinking the next update to my home lab is going to be a PX4

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