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April 15, 2011 — Leave a comment
I have been wanting to do a Podcast for some time, I love working with virtualisation and the community and any opportunity to discuss virtualisation is fantastic. What has typically stopped me doing this is having the correct person to team up with to get it off the ground. Around a year ago I purchased the domain (Yeah I know virtualization is spelt the American way but I was aiming this at a global audience) I had a number of ideas around what I wanted to do with this domain but never got around to it.

I revisited my ideas just over a month ago and decided it was time for me to get started with a podcast, the topic was easy to choose with virtualisation being the primary topic, but with my love and knowledge of Equallogic storage I also wanted to make this a key aspect of the podcast. Once this was decided I knew the Jonathan Franconi (@S1xth) would be the man to approach as we have been involved in many discussions on twitter around these subjects. To my pleasure Jonathan was really up for it and had been wanting to do something similar for some time. Without any further ado we starting planning, chatting on Skype and our first episode has been recorded, edited and accepted by iTunes. The submitting the podcast to iTunes but was a learning curve as I had never really looked into it before, unfortunately not all my meta data has gone across yet but I am hoping as of the next episode there will be full descriptions and a more relevant logo etc.

Episode 1

Jonathan has managed to secure Will Urban from Dell Storage to be our first special guest, with the recent release of the Equallogic VMware Host Integration Toolkit it made for a very relevant interesting subject for us to discuss.

Also in the podcast you will hear introductions from Jonathan and myself, discussion on our current challenges and work with virtualisation and Dell Storage.

Latest news from the industry including :-

The new EVGA PD02 PCoIP thin client

VMware View 4.6 including the View Security Server

VMware View and vSphere iPad applications

Latest News on the Dell Storage Conference

Equallogic 5.04 Firmware

Equallogic VMware Host Integration Toolkit

VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference

The podcast can be downloaded direct from iTunes >>


Direct from TalkShoe where the podcast is hosted >>

For more information on the podcasts and blog posts regarding the subjects we discuss please the site is currently a work in progress but hopefully we will have it up to speed within the next week.

For Jonathan’s blog please visit

Jonathan and I are hoping to make this podcast a monthly thing, if not more often when relevant, we would love to hear your feedback and anybody that is interested in becoming a guest please get in touch barry(at)virtualisedreality(dot)com. Even though this first podcast has a heavy slant on Equallogic / Dell Storage we would love to broaden our horizons and cover other VMware friendly storage solutions amongst other products.

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