VMware View iPad Client (Now Available)

March 9, 2011 — Leave a comment

Today VMware have launched the iPad client for VMware View, originally announced at VMworld last year we have been waiting for it to finally hit the app store. I originally blogged about the View iPad client in September during VMworld >> https://virtualisedreality.com/2010/09/01/official-vmware-view-pcoip-enabled-ipad-app/

The View iPad Client is the only iPad application to support PCoIP at present, it works along side View 4.6 to allow users to connect in remotely to your infrastructure using the new PCoIP security server. It should also be noted that it only supports PCoIP, so if you haven’t upgraded to 4.6 yet or haven’t got an iPad compatible VPN your users won’t be able to connect externally.

When starting the app you are asked to configure the details for your View Connection Server, the application supports multiple View Connection Servers which is always useful for consultants!

Photo 4 print

The recent desktops screen shows you a screenshot of the last 4 desktops you connected to for quick access.

Photo 1 print

To enhance the use of your virtual desktop VMware have included gestures and the option to use a laptop style trackpad instead of just punching around your Windows XP / 7 desktop.

Photo 2 print

Photo 3 print

The view client supports VGA out and bluetooth keyboards so if you needed to, you could use your iPad as a thin client to your virtual desktops for extended periods of time with ease. Check back and I will post a video of this functionality shortly.

Currently this application is only available for the iPad but VMware are planning on supporting more tablet operating systems in the future. VMware are also promising to add a lot of functionality to this in the future and where possible there will be regular updates for new functionality.

The application is available now and best of all is free! to get your copy head over to the app store >> http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/vmware-view-for-ipad/id417993697?mt=8

VMware have put together a user guide for the View Client for the iPad that covers all elements from ensuring your view connection servers are ready to connecting to your desktops and gestures etc. That can be found here >> http://communities.vmware.com/servlet/JiveServlet/previewBody/15085-102-1-18264/view-client-ipad-document.pdf


My Thoughts

I have been using the Wyse iPad client for sometime now and have been getting on with it really well, however the edition of the PCoIP support in the VMware version is probably enough for me to move over. I haven’t had a chance to play with this new client yet but my initial thoughts are the gestures and trackpad should make the use of the virtual desktop a lot more touch friendlyl compared to the Wyse Pocket Cloud version. Best of all it’s free! You can’t beat that 🙂

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