Veeam Backup and Replication V5

October 21, 2010 — 2 Comments

Yesterday Veeam released V5 of it’s Backup and Replication product, a number of the UK bloggers celebrated with Ricky and the Veeam UK team at IPExpo with Vodka in true Veeam fasion!











We have been talking about it since the initial glimpses of information started being released in February this year.

Since then there has been snippets of information drip fed to us but today we finally get to learn all about it.








The first point that should be noted is that there is going to be for the first time 2 versions, Standard and Enterprise, the PDF below explains the difference between the versions and the good news is that Customer licenses under maintenance as of June 30, 2010, are eligible for a free upgrade to Enterprise Edition. Press Release

I have been lucky enough to have been running V5 beta in my home lab for a few weeks and I have been very impressed. Some of the main features in this new release are as follows.

Universal Application Item Recovery – The ability to be able to recover granular elements from any application backed up by Veeam, In addition to this Veeam are also releasing 3 wizards to allow simple recovery of AD, SQL and Exchange elements. You will be amazed when you see these in action!

Indexing of backups – All backups can now be fully indexed to mean you can easily search for that file you need to recover but the user can’t tell you when they deleted it.

Instant Recovery – You are now able to instantly recover a VM from a Veeam backup, the VM will be booted from the compressed backup directly onto your chosen host via NFS which is part of Veeam Backup 5. You are then able to storage vMotion your VM back onto your datastore or cold migrate it at a more convenient time.

Network less application aware processing VSS no longer requires a direct connection from the Veeam server to the VM. This could be very useful in DMZ environments!

The ability to be able to exclude HD’s on a per VM basis – This is much needed!

Surebackup – Automated recoverability verification of every backup

Labs – The ability to roll out a lab of your server at a click of a button, very useful for testing upgrades, problem solving etc.

Below is a screen shot of the left hand pain in V5, the first thing we notice is the new sections, instant recovery in the restore options and the whole Surebackup section.











First the instant recovery section, you can simply right click and choose to run a VM from backup, a wizard will then open to guide you through the process.








Next the Surebackup section, work from the top to the bottom with this section. First we start by creating our application groups, the application groups are created to allow verifcations, U-AIR recoveries and LABs of certain applications.

For exmaple for your Sharepoint enviroment you may create a Sharepoint application group with a DC, Sharepoint Front End and Sharepoint Back End.

Next you create yours labs, your lab contains all the information that will be used when doing a verification, recovery or sandbox. You choose a host, a datastore for redo logs and networking, including a proxy to allow access to and from production from the lab bubble.








Finally you have the job which pulls it all together, I created two jobs, one for verification and one for recovery the difference between these two was the following setting

The U-AIR recovery and the wizards uses a small piece of software called Virtual Lab Manager, this can be installed on the application administrators machine, they are then able to request a lab with the relevant machines. This is then approved by the backup administrator via the Veeam Enterprise Manager website.






I am planning on doing a deeper dive on using these features in the next few days.

Veeam in my opinion have done it again, from past experience backup can be one of the pain points within your environment and from my experience Veeam just works!  and works well! With minimal fuss you can have a reliable easy to use backup that you can relay on and with these new enhancements we can now retire old agent based products that we have been using for granular level recovery.

For more information head over to the product page on Veeam’s website >>

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