Something big is happening at Veeam

February 19, 2010 — 11 Comments

I have recently been pointed towards the following Veeam webpage

image With a count down to the 22nd March, a new trademark “SureBackup” and the tag “Veeam will change the way you look at VMware backup FOREVER”

For me Veeam’s current version 4 and the previous version 3 have been big game changers in Virtualisation backups, Veeam always seems to keep ahead of the rest of the market and for me the ease of use and effectiveness has been a key selling point. Even to such a level that a Veeam Backup demo has been the final point needed when trying to sell a virtualisation solution on a couple of occasions.

So what will he announced on March 22nd? Who knows, think we can assume it will be the next evolution of Veeam backup with greater functionality.

For me my ultimate VMware backup product would contain the following

  • Speed (Veeam have already got this with the reverse incremental system and CBT!) Surely the next product couldn’t be even faster!?
  • Application aware – Veeam already have an impressive VSS implementation but for me granular recovery of Exchange, SQL and AD are a must and Backup Exec 2010 has started to address this. Imagine being able to recover an AD user, mailbox or even email as easily as you could recover a file from a Veeam Backup!
  • Tape / VTL – A lot of customer still use tape and VTL’s are growing in popularity, would it be a step to far for Veeam to move into this complex area!?
  • SAN Integration – I would love to see a product that could interact with SAN snapshot and replication functionality, but there are so many vendors ,so could we really expect to see this without a common API? Maybe Veeam could offer an API for the SAN vendors to interact with?
  • vSphere Client Integration – Being able to kick off a backup of an individual VM from the vSphere client, check backup progress or history and right click restore a VM from backup.

I don’t think for one minute some of my wish list would be addressed as some are pie in the sky but maybe a couple of them are being tackled in SureBackup!

Guess we will have to wait to find out!

Update 1

Doug Hazelman from Veeam has released a snippet of information on his blog

UPDATE: In case you’re wondering, the next version of Veeam Backup & Replication will not require a complete reinstall/re-architecture. SureBackup is an entirely new feature that will easily integrate in with existing Veeam Backup & Replication installations.

Update 2

Gostev from Veeam has given us a bit more information in the comments below, so SureBackup is a feature (Addition?) that will radically change the way we look at our VMware backups. I have taken a stab at guessing in the comments, but as Gostev says “It would be quite hard to guess though, …….because you did not realize this is even possible.” Also good to hear that Veeam Backup and Replication 5 addresses some of my wish list!

Update 3

Recently posted on twitter “RT @VeeamAtDell: The countdown has started for Dell’s partnership with @Veeam for” not really sure what this means. It could be a sales partnership but i’m hoping it maybe something to do with Dell Equallogic and Veeam. Maybe Veeam integration with Equallogic Auto-Snapshot Manager/VMware Edition. Probably wishful thinking 🙂

Update 4

Doug at Veeam has released a lot more information on his blog now >>

SureBackup is NOT a new product. We’re using SureBackup to describe a set of features, some are new, some are already in place. We’re going to be introducing other terms as well that will include new features as well as existing ones. All of these features will be delivered as part of Veeam Backup & Replication version 5.0.

I look forward to learning all about it and being able to tell all my readers and customers about the latest and greatest Veeam Backup features.

11 responses to Something big is happening at Veeam


    All good suggestions, and some features from the list above are in v5, but these are not “SureBackup” features. Try making some sense out of the actual feature name, this might get you closer. 😉

    It would be quite hard to guess though, because it is kind of similar to how mobile phones changed communication. As a landline user back in time, you would never guess such thing as mobile phone, because you did not realize this is even possible. Same here. 🙂


      lol cheers for the comment Gostev, ok here goes my guess

      “Sure Backup” makes me think guaranteed protection, maybe continuous protection, being able to create a constant replica / backup of your VM’s that you can then roll back to any point in time to restore your VM or files from that time.

      lol who needs the whole Apple iPad thing when we have Veeam’s secrets to guess 😀


    Good thinking Barry, I like it… especially the guaranteed protection one. You are so much closer now than with features you have posted above. 😉

    But I think we already provide what you are describing – today, with our v4 near-CDP, which has rollbacks and file-level restores from replica. 😉

    Will you give me iPad if I tell you?


    Just checking, I would not tell anyway 😉 not even for iPad 😉


    How about one for of these 😀


    Sssshhhhh…. Gostev! 😉

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