Wyse P20 and View 4 PCoIP

December 10, 2009 — 1 Comment

Whilst looking into the thin client options for PCoIP with View 4 I have heard lots of comments regarding the Wyse P20. My understanding is it is now available for order and will start shipping towards the end of the year. I have been lucky enough to get my hands on a release candidate unit for some customer demos so thought I would post a few photos. Please excuse the quality as they were taken with my iPhone in a poorly lit office.

On the front of the unit there are two USB ports, a audio out and mic in. There is an illuminated PCoIP logo to illustrate when you have a PCoIP connection a powerswitch and what looks to be a Remote PC reset switch. On the rear of the unit there is two USB ports, one NIC, two DVI ports and 1 audio out port. The unit ships with a keyboard, mouse and power supply.


The device is easily configured to connect to a PCoIP View Connection with a simple administrators menu (for anyone looking for the default admin password is Administrator)


Once configured the user simply logs in using their usual login and is presented with a choice of desktops.

IMG_0284IMG_0285 Using the client personally I felt very comfortable using the thin client and easily forgot I was connected into a remote desktop. Video streaming worked well, as expected with picture quality and sound quality being very good. I haven’t been able to run any more strenuous graphical tests on it yet but will update this post if I can. Below is a very short video of the BBC iPlayer running on the thin client.

The unit is small and looks to be well built and its very easy to configure,  ticks all the boxes for me. Will blog about any more thin clients that I am able to test.

One response to Wyse P20 and View 4 PCoIP


    I would like to know the operating system that you were using on the server and does the device support multipoint server 2011?

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