Quick reminder of What Files Make Up a Virtual Machine

September 16, 2009 — Leave a comment

A quick reminder of what the files that make up a virtual machine and what they do.

File Name Description
*.vmx Virtual Machine Configuration File
vmname.vmdk The disk descriptor file containing all the Virtual Hard disks settings
vmname-flat.vmdk The actual virtual hard disk containing the data
*.nvram VM BIOS
*.log VM Log Files, there maybe additional log file with vmname-(Number) that contain old versions of the logs
*.vswp Virtual Machine Swap File – This file is created when the virtual machine boots and is used to swap memory if access to physical memory isn’t possible
*.vmsd Snapshot descriptor file – This file contains the meta data regarding any snapshots that exist for the virtual machine
*.vmsn Stores the state of a virtual machine when a snapshot is taken, if you chose to include the memory state of the VM in your snapshots this file will be slightly larger than the RAM assigned to the VM. One of these files is created for every snapshot

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