Snapshot Size Report

September 1, 2009 — 2 Comments

Playing around with the Aplha release of VESI 1.2 I have created a report to show Snapshot size, see below, using the files option and a quick filter I have a snapshot size report, I don’t believe this is a new feature just a new use I have found, I believe this would also help you track down orphaned delta’s. Now to see if I can change the filesize into an easy to read format and maybe graph againt the original VMDK size.


2 responses to Snapshot Size Report


    This looks great. I’ve just installed How can I get access to the alpha code and your reports? thanks.


      Hi Chris alpha code isn’t normally released for obvious reasons, I was just lucky enough to get a pre vmworld preview, although that shouldn’t stop you doing this. I will put a blog post together later explaining how to do this.

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