Another FT post – Check System Compatibility

August 16, 2009 — Leave a comment

Starting to look into FT a bit more and I am currently reading the following document from VMware this has already raised some more points for me that I didn’t realise such as the system needs to be certified as FT capable by the OEM.

Looking into this more I found out the the HP DL380 G5 and G6 or at least for the models I checked here>> were not listed as being FT capable! I had realised the CPU’s needed to be certified for FT on this list >> previously but not the physical host. It has also been pointed out to me by @FrankDenneman on twitter that the ever popular blade server by HP the BL460 is also not supported.

I think the more I delve into this the more difficult it is becoming to see use cases with such a high amount of restrictions and limitations.


@FrankDenneman did a little more investiagting into this and has found the following utillity that can be used to check your hardware for FT compliance he also found in the following VMWare white paper that VMware are using A Dell PowerEdge 2950 which is also listed as not supporting FT. So this looks to be just a case of waiting for the manufacturers to certify specific hardware. Fingers Crossed.

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