iPhone App Vmanage

June 23, 2009 — Leave a comment

I have just been playing with the vmanage application available from the app store for your iPhone or iPod touch. It allows you to administrate your virtual infrastructure when not in front of your workstation.

It allows you to see the status of you VMs and hosts, view alerts, perform basic vm tasks and vmotion virtual machines.

At present I am having a few difficulties with performance stats and tasks but this is probably because I am on and iPhone 3GS that runs version 3 of apples OS, apprently there are fixes awaiting Apples approval process atm.

From what I can see teamed with the VPN capabilities of the iPhone, it is going to be a life saving app when you are caught away from your workstation, so you are able to assist remotely.

A couple of screen shots

With a little bit of fine tuning and future functionality it will become a must have app. For me it easily out performs VWwares VCMA

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