vSphere 4 Whats New Course

April 21, 2009 — Leave a comment

Well I have just completed the vSphere whats new course and I was very impressed by the new functionality within vSphere 4 although no real suprises. Several items will take a bit of getting your head around initially such as the distributed virtual switches, the FT (Continuous Availability) feature is fantastic and I can see numerous debates and best practises coming out around this, although single CPU for FT VM’s is a disappointment, presumably this will be modified as soon as possible?

As ever a number of the new features have introduced some nice additions but in some cases have left me wanting more, like the virtual center service monitoring, fantastic idea, but you have to visit the specific section for it to see if there is a problem, no alerts or notification can be configured for this. As usual though this is just really picking apart what is another fantastic upgrade from VMware.

I’m looking forward to using it more to get fully used to the new changes and finding out what I need to study for the VCP upgrade exam once it is announced.

The course deffiantly left me wanting to know more as it didn’t cover some areas such as the new VMSafe additions and what this fully means for the user, and functionality.


vSphere diagram taken from VMware’s website.

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